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Get Started

Yakubov Law will help take your startup from concept to legal business entity.  We'll draft, edit, and file all the organizational documents required for your startup to be operational in your State of choice.

Get Protected

Yakubov Law will help safeguard your startup's key assets.   The firm offers all levels of IP services: patent, trademark, and copyright protection.


Get Compliant

Yakubov Law will help get your house in order by preparing your startup's bylaws, shareholder agreement, equity incentive plan, corporate records book, stock certificates, 83(b) tax elections, among other services.

Get Funded

Get an experienced negotiator on your side of the bargaining table. Yakubov Law will counsel you through all stages of your startup's funding rounds.  From initial term sheets to binding transactional documents.  Yakubov Law will negotiate, draft, and execute the right deal for your startup and its founders.

Need more details? Contact us

We're here to assist.  Simply contact us to schedule a consultation.  

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